High-quality, CNC-machined aluminium wheelchair casters and plastic flashing LED castors available in 4inch and 5inch diameters.

Wheelchair casters are the front wheels for your wheelchair and usually come in either 4inch (100mm) or 5inch (125mm) sizes. Spinnerz are high-quality aluminium wheelchair casters for sale in the UK and we offer FREE first-class shipping within the UK on all orders.

Spinnerz recommends you carefully measure your existing casters before ordering new ones. Although we offer a refund, customers must pay for return postage if they measure their wheels incorrectly subsequently find that the new casters do not fit.

Wheelchair castors / front wheels for Quickie, TiLite, RGK, Küschall, DaVinci, Invacare, Top End and Frog Legs Forks.